Valentine traps

Posted on 12 February 2013 at 09:20

Valentine’s Day is full of traps besides getting your significant other the wrong present.

There is a noticeable increase in the amount of spam that appears at this time of year. Scam spammers love this season of romance as it affords them extra opportunities for phishing and other nefarious deeds. In fact the sudden upsurge of offers from restaurants, jewelers, florists and the like can fill your inbox with a veritable deluge of heart-shaped of spam.

  • The desperate online shopper can easily fall prey to the Perfect Valentine Present link when they’re in panic buying mode and find themselves in a whole lot of trouble.
  • Or you’re waiting for delivery of a legitimate special present and get a notice from the parcel service. You click on the link and suddenly you got bots and Trojans roaming around the insides of your system.
  • You see what looks like a Valentine’s card from a friend or even your spouse. Oops! That link just stole your data and your address is now sending out reams of spam in its turn.
  • You’re trying to make plans for the perfect weekend getaway and it looks like the hotel you booked is sending you another confirmation. You’re too busy to check if they already did so you click the link and you’re spammed!

It doesn’t matter whether it is email or text and social Media especially can become a tremendous source for spam this time of year. Remember that spam isn’t just annoying; it can infect your computer with a wealth of viruses that can even cause you to be a sender of infected spam. All the more reason to make sure your system is well protected with something like Modus Gate. Your phone isn’t exempt either when you’re reading your email and texting while you commute.

If you clicked the wrong link or photo or fake pdf, get debugged as soon as possible and update your virus protection before you head off to your romantic dinner.


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