Office 365 is Powerful, But You Want to Make Sure Your Security Measures Up

Office 365 is charging forward to improve the productivity of organizations worldwide, but significant challenges are present with its lack of Email Continuity, slow Email Archiving, and risks posed by Phishing messages sent from compromised Office 365 accounts. Download this White Paper to learn how you can put these risks behind you today!
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modusCloud is Vircom’s latest solution to stop the leading email threats, along with issues faced by Office 365 organizations.

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modusCloud Features

Targeted Phishing Protection
Email Encryption
Email Continuity
Email Archiving
URL Protection
Advanced Threat Protection
Attachment Defence
Data Loss Prevention

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Your organization faces risks every day, but did you know that the biggest ones may be coming from your own inboxes? Credential Phishing, Ransomware, Business Email Compromise and other threats may be putting your business at risk of fraud or worse. Learn more about what they are and how to address them with this White Paper!

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