Try Cloud Email Security That Protects Against Advanced Threats

modusCloud is Cloud Email Security with Advanced Threat Protection, Anti-Phishing, Continuity, Sandboxing, Encryption, Archiving and more of what you need.


modusCloud is Complete Email Protection that protects your business from today's Advanced Threats!

Email threats continue to cost businesses time, money and morale. With advanced targeted attacks, malicious attachments, data loss and drive by URLs, IT administrators need a simple, complete and effective cloud email security solution, and modusCloud provides you that peace-of-mind and serenity!

What you can expect with modusCloud:
           Advanced Threat Protection
           Dynamic analysis of URLs and Attachment Sandboxing
           Spam, Malware and Phishing Protection
           Advanced Threat Insight for specific threat types
           Easy to Use and execute admin actions
           Integration to ConnectWise Manage
           SpamReporter Outlook Plug-In to save you time
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Try Cloud Email Security That Protects Against Advanced Threats


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modusCloud Features

Targeted Phishing Protection
Email Encryption
Email Continuity
Email Archiving
URL Protection
Advanced Threat Protection
Attachment Defence
Data Loss Prevention

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modusCloud works with Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365, or any standards-based server, and enhances them to provide Advanced Threat Protection, Encryption, Archiving and Data-Loss Protection.



We live, eat and breathe email security, never stopping until your systems are safe. With multilingual support and 24/7 access, we're ready to answer all your questions, whenever you may need to ask.



modusCloud's Advanced Threat Protection blocks spam, malware, malicious attachments and URLs, and targeted phishing attacks like CEO Spam and Business Email Compromise.


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Email Security

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