How to Troubleshoot 501 5.7.1 Errors with Exchange

Posted on 31 January 2011 at 07:07

If you’ve ever had “501 5.7.1 This system is not configured to relay mail from…” errors when relaying email through Exchange, it means that your email client did not properly log on to the mail server because it failed the SMTP authentication check.

Symptoms of mail relay issues

One or more of the following symptoms may occur when you experience mail relay issues:

  • You receive non-delivery reports (NDRs) that contain error     code 5.0.0, 5.7.1, or 5.7.3
  • You     cannot send mail to an increasing number of domains
  • Unsolicited     commercial email appears in your mail queues, and you detect that your     Exchange computer sends unsolicited commercial email
  • A remote     domain informs you that it receives unsolicited commercial email from your     Exchange computer

How to troubleshoot NDRs that contain error code 5.7.1 or 5.7.3

Error codes 5.7.1 and 5.7.3, and Application Log events 1709, 1710, or 1701 occur under various conditions. The following scenarios describe these conditions and explain how to resolve the respective NDRs and Application Log events.

Note: NDRs that contain error code 5.7.1 may contain the following message:

“The originator does not have permission to submit message.” This message may be misleading because it implies that the sender has a permissions problem. However, the actual reason for this NDR is that the remote (receiving) domain has prohibited the domain that is sending the mail from relaying the mail. For more information, click the following article number to view the explanation in Microsoft’s Knowledge Base:

Scenario 1: Authenticated computers are not allowed to relay mail

Scenario 2: Anonymous access to SMTP virtual servers is disabled

Scenario 3: The DNS feature is not correctly configured

Scenario 4: There is no matching recipient policy for proxy addresses

Scenario 5: The destination server requires additional authentication

Scenario 6: The ISA Server 2000 SMTP publishing rule has not been updated



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