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Service Plans

Silver PlatinumPlus
Antispam & Antivirus Updates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Product Upgrades Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support Hours 7:30am-6:00pm EST + 24/7 emergencies + 24/7 emergencies
Support Tickets/Year 4 8 Unlimited
Sanity Checks/Year X 1 2
Trainings/Year X 2 hours 2 hours
Priority Service X X Included
Vircom Monitoring X X Included
Included 1,250$ 2,500$

Whitepaper Downloads

  • Spam Industry terms
  • Antispam checklists
  • Tips and tricks
  • In depth research analysis


I previously tested three other products, and modusGate was by far the best.

    Jennifer Mocherman
    Windows ITPro