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New Year’s Resolution: A cleaner and healthier… desk. What a Mess!

Written by Jennifer Ansell on . Posted in Best Practices

We spend 8 to 10 (or more) hours a day at work - more time than we spend anywhere else - and our desks/workspaces are becoming our kitchen tables.

But, do you realize that our desks are covered in more bacteria than your average washroom?!

Now it smells better!

Cleaning up your desk, especially your garbage can, can also prevent the whole office from smelling like that garlic gyro you had for lunch, or the half-eaten banana someone tossed out. The best advice is to:

1.      Shut off your computer, unplug your keyboard, mouse and phone and clean them thoroughly.

  • If your keyboard is really dirty, use more than compressed air: try a cloth with a gentle solution to clean the keys. Speak to your IT department to see what they suggest as there are dozens of recommendations online.

2.      Empty your garbage and / or make sure you put any food garbage in the kitchen trash.

3.      Resolve to eat away from your desk, if at all possible.

Guess what? You’re wrong!

  • 76% of you think you’re saving time by eating at your desk, but you aren’t.
  • You’re distracting others around you from getting their work done.
  • Eating while you’re stressed and trying to concentrate on other things can cause you a wide variety of stomach ailments that can have you sidelined for days. Your mother told you to chew thoroughly and she was right.
  • The mess you leave behind can escalate into office-wide food-based bacterial illnesses that can cost your company even more time in the long run.

So clean it up, and you, your workmates and your company will be healthier and happier.


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Jennifer Ansell

Jennifer Ansell

After dabbling in computers in her formative years, Jennifer is now up to her neck in IT: “My husband is an IT, his best man is an IT and the man who walked me down the aisle is an IT.” And now she manages an IT office! Let’s hope her gardening and other hobbies are enough to keep her from babbling computer-speak.

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