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Fake order scams jump to the next level

Written by Marc Chouinard on . Posted in All about Spam

Fake order confirmations are now a part of Spam Quarantine on a daily basis.

But look at the latest edition of this Intuit Software Order confirmation (yes, it’s that time of year). If you’re an “instant panic” person, you might spot the first phone number and call to ask about this message, or simply express your frustration about the company.

In this SPAM case, you can fall into the trap by clicking on any of the links and filling the info and wind up with malware via HTTP or… call the 1-900 number and pay big bucks. I spotted more than 40 different 1-900 numbers at different rates.

I’m pretty sure the “Your call is important to us” will last 5-10 minutes before they simply hang up on you.

However, look carefully at the first line “…multiple items, we may sned them in…”. Notice the word “sned”. It’s very doubtful that Intuit would allow such a spelling mistake in their automatic reply.

Often spelling mistakes (even small subtle ones) are the easiest way to detect a fake order scam.


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Marc Chouinard

Marc Chouinard

Marc Chouinard is an expert’s expert who has more than 15 years of IT experience. As Head of a Security Operations Team, he is always available, responding 24/7 to new threats: “Sleeping is a waste of time!” A natural fixer of broken things, he has an uncommon approach to problem solving and a phenomenal (some say scary) memory for numbers. Non-technical individuals might refer to what Marc does as IT Voodoo. Oh, and did we mention he has a great sense of humor too?

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