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Email Security Matters: A Look Back at the Year

Written by Mike Ambrosone on . Posted in Email Security & Antispam

Email Security Matters just turned one and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the top posts of the year.


1-Share NFTS Harddrive on VMware vSphere/ESX 4: One of the drawbacks of ESX (and ESXi) is the lack of support for external data storage (non Data Store). Of course, you can add a multitude of data stores, local and remote, and it is THE way to go.

2- Interview with Adam Guerbuez: The story of Adam Guerbuez, who also lives in Canada, is a bit different. In 2008, he was fined $873 million in the US for sending over 4 million adult-content spam through Facebook. Of course, the CAN-SPAM act is valid in the US so you can’t hide from it… unless you’re not in the US!

3- Cool Tool: WinSCP: Lo and behold, I found WinSCP1. I like that it has a clean command-line interface that just does the job reliably.  To me, it’s the “robocopy” of file transfers over FTP/SFTP2.

4- Spear Phishing: Is your boss a whale?: Why focus on execs? Because in many ways they’re perfect targets for a security breach2, thus perfect targets for spam campaigns that – on the surface – appear to be legitimate messages from organizations that register and connect CEOs.

5- Blocked By RFC Ignorant: Now What?: Unlike classical blacklists that are usually honeypot driven, this one is driven by people who have manually reported you as violating  RFC.  So what can you do?


What were some of your favorites, we’d love to hear! Leave us a comment below.


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Mike Ambrosone

Mike Ambrosone has been a hard working IT professional for over 12 years. So far, he’s almost done it all! From holding positions in Support, QA and Development, Mike’s tenacity, leadership skills and motivation have come to fruition in his new post as Technical Product Manager. He keeps a sharp eye on market driven requirements in the office and a sharp eye on F1 racing whenever he can!

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