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Corporate anti-spam made simple with modusGate™ 5.20 for Microsoft Exchange™

Written by Damien Ramé on . Posted in Industry News

Montreal, Canada, January 21, 2013 — Vircom, an award-winning e-mail messaging security software company, has released modusGate™ 5.20, an email security and anti-spam filter software for Microsoft Exchange™ servers. The updated software adds protocol, domain and mail server auto-discovery to a new configuration console, enabling IT administrators to complete the setup process within minutes.

“IT administrators throughout the planet are overloaded with work.  With this new version, we are effectively allowing busy administrators to setup a complex and high-quality corporate spam filter with no prior knowledge or expertise with the technology and the industry,” stated Damien Ramé, Director of Manager and Product Strategy at Vircom. “The new modusGate setup console will perform extensive auto-discovery of all parameters required to deliver efficient email security for their Microsoft Exchange servers. No need to become a subject expert or go through a 200-page manual. Download. Install. Done” Ramé added.

In addition to a simplified setup procedure, modusGate 5.20 also packs the latest version of the Norman™ Anti-Virus engine.  The new version improves update cycles even further, providing better reaction to new threats, speedier updates, smaller package sizes, reduced scanning speed and improved detection for many 32-bit and 64-bit file formats.

Vircom’s modusGate software runs on Windows platforms (2003/2008/2008R2) and is available to order today. For pricing or to request a free 30-day software trial, please visit the Vircom website:

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Damien Ramé

Damien Ramé

Damien started down the geek road when he got his first computer at age 10: an Atari 400 with a 1.8MHz 6502 CPU, 8K of RAM, no storage (only a true geek includes those stats!). And he hasn’t looked back since: this Software Engineer has administered Linux and Windows servers, developed high- and low-level software and firmware code in a variety of languages, worked in telecommunications, networking and IT, and… ended up getting an MBA while developing a passion for marketing. He’s now a tech-savvy marketer who can talk the talk and walk the walk.

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