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Modus Spam Updates

Written by Yves Lacombe on . Posted in All about Spam

  From time to time, this question comes up from customers and partners alike.  What’s the process behind our update procedure for spam filtering and how do we feed the machine that keeps it detecting spam accurately over time?  I’m quite certain that other managed spam filtering businesses operate in a similar fashion so this [...]

Country-based DNSBL blocking revisited

Written by Yves Lacombe on . Posted in Email Security & Antispam

Back in 2009, I wrote an article about country-based DNSBL blocking.   You can find the original article here: Thankfully, the person who runs the blacklist is still around and operational and you can still use their country-based DNSBL zones to block certain countries from sending mail to you. Depending on the type of [...]

Colocation providers – Use them or drop them?

Written by Abderrahim Ibnou El Kadi on . Posted in Email Security & Antispam

IT administrators looking to save money may consider housing the server and equipment in another company’s data center.  As with any decision, there are pros and cons.  In this case there seems to be more advantages to colocation, so let’s take a closer look at why you may choose colocation.  What is a colocation provider? [...]