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12 New Terms for the Anti-Tech Dictionary

Written by Margot MacNutt on . Posted in Industry News

In case you missed it, Chris Bowlby, a BBC Mobile News contributor, wrote a fun little article1 about the evolution of techno-speak and how the unplugged portion (Internet-wise) of the world’s population had no clue what the plugged-ins were talking about. In response, he created some great new anti-tech words and phrases. The subject has obviously struck a chord with people who responded with flurry of their own contributions.2

I was inspired to create this list (with a little help from some of my colleagues):

  • Blogicule: Tech speak for “Alright already: here’s my 2-line contribution for this month, now leave me alone.”
  • Blog-worthy: applies to any technical discussion carried on within earshot of our CEO
  • Craptacular: a personal favorite; describes the loss of data due to a blue screen, power failure or any other craptitious event
  • Delete-worthy: an interim state for former, or soon-to-be former, online friends
  • Emaul: getting inundated with garbage messages
  • iDrive: those clueless and/or spastic actions made by phone-addicted drivers; otherwise known as Mobile Menace
  • iWalk: that slow, unpredictable movement made by people who think they can read, text and walk at the same time
  • Laptrips: people who flirt with disaster by carrying laptops open by the screen, or by falling off a bike with said laptop (true story)
  • Mail Enhancement Products: Outlook productivity tools
  • Napp: taking a break from your favorite app
  • Twirgin: a Twitter virgin
  • Yell phone: what self-important people use in public when they feel it necessary to broadcast their conversations

C’mon folks, I know you have some favorite terms to add to this list wink




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Margot MacNutt

Margot MacNutt

Margot MacNutt got her start as a Technical Support Analyst during the good ol’ days when Spam was that canned stuff and the only threat to email was a slow modem. She is now a Business Analyst in a leading email security company, involved in developing new features to fight the other spam and whatever else threatens the flow of messages and information.

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  • Than Nguyen


    How about:
    Mail Insecurity – Leaving your self exposed by not protecting your privacy.


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