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Respect for Sales People

Written by Yves Lacombe on . Posted in Email Security & Antispam

       There’s something that has really gnawed at me for a while.  Call it guilt.   I’m a geek, a techie who has been dealing with technology since I was 11 years old.  I’m 46 years old today and making a good living at it as an IT guy and programmer on the side. I don’t know [...]

My users are getting bounce messages for emails they never sent out

Written by Yves Lacombe on . Posted in Email Security & Antispam

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where your end users for some reason are getting bounce notifications for emails they didn’t send out – don’t panic. Sometimes it _could_ mean your server has been compromised (i.e.: someone managed to guess the user’s password and is sending mail using their account).  However unless your mail [...]

Love beats price almost every time: how Vircom out-cares and out-loves cheap alternatives like Barracuda.

Written by Mike Petsalis on . Posted in Email Security & Antispam

  It’s a war out there in the email security world (or anti-spam world or, if you wish, anti ‘all bad stuff that can get in via email, which is a _lot_ of bad stuff’ world!). It’s still a growing market, as email remains the dominant form of business communication and therefore gets targeted for [...]

How to Send a Message from Telnet

Written by Abderrahim Ibnou El Kadi on . Posted in Email Security & Antispam

We are always under the impression that administrators know everything related to computers; networking etc… the reality is that we learn every day, sometimes we learn  the hard way other times we learn from someone else; colleagues, friends, clients etc… As ancient as this command is, it is still important and still used to troubleshoot [...]